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Hi, I am Vibhor Gupta, Founder of HealthBowl. I was working in an MNC at a good profile. I set few goals for my fitness transformation. On my journey I found that we corporate employees are eating unhealthy. You may also get surprized and ask Why? In our busy schedules and fast lives, we often end up eating as per our convenience, rather than what is healthy. Many a times, we eat to please our taste buds, but remain quite unaware about the health hazards that this type of eating habit might pose.

Many studies across the Globe have revealed:

1) The stress, long hours, and sedentary nature of modern office job increases risk of metabolic disorders like diabetes and chronic diseases like high blood pressure. It also makes it difficult to.

2) Mostly food served in Office Cafeteria contains high amount of sodium and refined grains, calories and very little whole grains and fruit increasing risk of diseases.

Have you ever thought of how many calories are you getting when you are little stressed out at work and go for a small chai break and also grab a Pattie or Samosa. A small break can put a big dent on your transformation plan.

Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Our body needs proper nutrition to work effectively. Food provides energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly

There came the idea to open a restaurant that serves super nutritious balanced diets. Where people don’t have to think and can simply place their orders. Food prepared with Exotic Vegetables, Grilled Paneer, Tofu, Chicken and Low to Zero Fat dressings cooked in Olive Oil under hygienic conditions. Just give us a call and ask for the kind of customization you need. We are really good at it. Our motto is “Eat Healthy Stay Healthy”.

Our aim is to drive people to eat healthy and nutritious food and achieve their fitness goals. We have dieticians and fitness consultants on our panel and they help you set your fitness goals and create dynamic meal plans. On top of it we will be there for you to prepare it.

“You are what you Eat Choose a Healthy Lifestyle”

Few days back I ordered from them and was quite impressed by their food and service. A must try option for all people out there who prefers hygienic healthy food. So I had veg paneer sandwich, veg special stir fried rice and whole wheat white sauce pasta. The food was extremely delicious and fresh. Sandwich had a lot of veggies along with paneer cubes in it. Fried rice too had a lot of veggies. Rice were cooked properly and tasted so good. The pasta was here is a must try. Would personally recommend that. It had broccoli, corn, mushroom capsicum and cherry tomatoes on top. The sauce was also good. Delivery was timely and packing was good. Would highly recommend this place.

Surbhi Mongia

Super Foodie

Ordered grilled chicken with boiled eggs, continental tawa paneer and continental tawa chicken. This restaurant, as it's name goes ,is a bowl of health and healthy foods. The continental tawa paneer and tawa chicken were so soft and a bit smoky flavour made it amazing. Taste was so homely and looked like it was cooked in almost no oil. Grilled chicken with boiled eggs were so delicious , the soft chicken strips were garnished with mustard sauce which made it all the more amazing, with soft perfectly boiled eggs. Loved the food here.

Sonakshi Das

Super Foodie

So nearing the end to an 8 day long business trip I was so fed up of eating out that I decided to have a smoothie or soup for dinner..and that's exactly when I stumbled across this gem of a place! I ordered for a chicken soup and grilled chicken bowl without much expectation. When I opened the soup jar and stirred it I could've almost cried in joy! I wish I had found this place on day 1 itself..would've saved me a whole lot of dilemma honestly Delicious, nutritious and my definite go to place every time I'm around here!

Drishty Singh

Business Traveller